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Cuillère, Hauts-de-France

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À propos de moi:

My name is Gaukhar and I am from Kazakhstan. I have Bachelor's Degree in Electrical Engineering and Master's Degree in Industrial Engineering. For several years, I have worked as an Instrumentation Engineer and later, as an IT Consultant. Last year I decided to change my career path and started taking online courses with a focus on Frontend Development. In October 2020, I joined "AcceleratorApp" startup as an intern. The internship helped me to learn the web development process, how to work with issues, solve problems, use Git and better understand the communication culture among colleagues as we all were working remotely.


While doing my internship at AcceleratorApp, I enrolled into online bootcamp “HTMLACADEMY” and successfully completed the course. During the course, I developed 3 web application using Vanilla Javascript and React/Redux: 1) a photo viewing service - "Kekstagram" developed using Vanilla JS. Users can upload their photos by pre-editing them and applying filters. Users can also view photos of other users, mark them as liked and comment on them. 

2. a service for movie fans - Cinemaddict (clone of Netflix). Worked on this SPA app while learning OOP. The app provides detailed information about the movie, the ability to choose and create your own list of movies to watch, leave a review about the movie, to sort movies by date or rate. Statistics - to see how many movies user's watched given a day, a week, a month or year. 

3. "What to watch" - an online cinema with the ability to select films by genre, with detailed descriptions and with a list of similar films. After authorization, users can add films to the list for further viewing, rate them, read reviews of other viewers and leave their own. Developed using React/Redux and covered with unit tests using react-testing library.

All my works/projects are listed in my Github account. 


During my internship at AcceleratorApp, I was able to improve my HTML, CSS (SASS), Javascript and ReactJS skills. My duties included debugging Frontend related issues using React Developer Tools, implementing new features such as download buttons for different files (excel and pdf) and updating frontend UI and creating components according to new design. I also developed dynamic templates with EJS so users were able to download documents or applications in pdf formats. Moreover, worked on debugging UI related issues for Arabic version of the app and fixed them implementing rtl techniques in CSS files. 

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Frontend Development, Web Development, Web Application Development

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