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Omar Sebouai

Omar Sebouai

Product Manager
Paris, Paris


À propos de Omar Sebouai:

In 2019, as a Blockchain Architect, I contributed to transformative projects and witnessed our team's remarkable journey, growing from four members to a successful $105 million IPO in 2022 at The Blockchain Xdev (now Eniblock). This included:

Unbank: I led the creation of a mobile app that empowered users to buy, sell, exchange, and pay merchants in cryptocurrencies via QR codes.

Secure Bond Issuance: I worked on an experimental project with European banks, revolutionizing secure bond issuance with a delivery vs. payment module. This project managed interest, redemption, and a secondary market.

Logical Pictures: I crafted a solution for issuing and trading security tokens, featuring an escrow service on a secondary market in partnership with LiquidShare. During their STO, Logical Pictures emitted 100m€ of security tokens.

🌟 Product Management in Web3 🌐

In 2022, I transitioned into the role of a Product Manager at Request Network, a payment protocol. During this year, I initiated and executed strategic plans that shaped the product's future, while actively engaging with the community and industry events such as EthCC2022 and ETHLisbon.

🚀 My Vision for Web3 🌍

I'm now on the lookout for new challenges and opportunities in the Web3 space as a Product Manager. I'm driven to lead and collaborate on projects that harness the power of blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and decentralized technologies. My focus is on:

Driving Innovation: I'm committed to pushing the boundaries of what's possible in the Web3 landscape, identifying new use cases, and creating transformative products.

Decentralization: I believe in the principles of decentralization, and I'm eager to contribute to projects that empower individuals and communities.

Collaboration: I thrive in environments where collaboration and knowledge sharing are central. I'm excited to work with forward-thinking teams that share my passion for Web3.


Product Manager - Request
2022 - 2023

I produced a strategic plan and roadmap that highlighted our objectives, milestones, needs and KPIs.
I created a toolbox with:
- A Use Case Catalog to identify, explore, priorize the possible implementations around our payment protocol. itcontained 30+ different usecases.
- A Grant Process that defined a clear process for grant attributions and quick applications review.
- A Grant Program to assist our builders and invite contributions.
- A framework for a series of campaigns that focused on a specific use case with marketing and developmentphases.
I attended several events (EthCC2022, ETHLisbon) and reworked the whole documentation to invite contributions and implementation of the protocol.
During our first campaign focused on Invoice factoring, I identified builders, designed the architecture/userjourney tailored to their product/needs, provided the tools and support to implement our protocol.

Blockchain Architect - The Blockchain Xdev (now Eniblock)
2019 - 2022

Design and development of a mobile application to buy/sell/exchange/send and paymerchants in crypto via QRCode, integrating Ethereum/Stellar/Bitcoin, Kraken/Blockcypher/Infura APIs, a hotand cold multisignature wallet using Vault and a KYC module.
Design for an experimentation with european banks to safely issue bonds with a delivery vs payment module,handle interests and redemption, secondary market on Tezos.
Design of a solution to emit/trade security tokens vs fiat with escrow on a secondarymarket (with LiquidShare). Emitted €100m in their STO. 

For various projects, creation of a tokenization platform, blockchain grants, r&d in new blockchain standards, benchmark/integration of external services (payment gateways, wallet and KYC providers), tackled legal issues and regularly taught/shared with co-workers about blockchain concepts/best practices.

Lead Developer • 360Boost
2016 - 2018

Lead Developer for 360Boost.
Created a mobile application that allowed companies to evaluate employees/candidates soft-skills

Mobile Developer • Vapolia
2015 - 2016

Developing cross-platform apps for iOS/Android/Windows Phone with Xamarin Forms.

Engineer • Freelance
2011 - 2014

Worked as Techno-functional consultant in CRMs for Private Equity clients (Rotschild, Axa, Swiss Life).
Worked as C#/OOP trainer.


2007 - 2011 

 Epitech IT   

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