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Postdoctoral Fellow (single cell transcriptomics in liver disease) (BB-B0D13)

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We are looking for Postdoctoral researchers to work in the at the Institute for Functional Genomics (IGFL) at ENS Lyon. The position is for 1 year, renewable for the duration of the project (4 years). The (headed by ) is hosted at the Institute Genomique Fonctionnelle de Lyon (IGFL). The IGFL is part of the Ecole Normale Superieure de Lyon, Lyon France and is located in Gerland campus. Projects in the team frequently combine traditional biochemistry and molecular biology techniques (CoIP, Mass-spec) with Illumina sequencing methods such as ChIP-Seq, RNA-Seq, and more recently Oxford Nanopore based transcriptomic analyses. Since 2018, we started collaborating with physicist-engineers at the in Grenoble on lens-free image based realtime analysis of cell behavior. In 2021, as part of a larger consortium led by the CEA, we have been funded by a Horizon2020 call on Biophotonics. The program is aimed at building a next-generation biophotonics device that merges real-time lens-free holographic imaging with omics data to generate data-rich images. This ambitious program () includes 5 research groups and 2 SMEs spread out over 4 EU countries. The research groups include physicists and engineers at the CEA Grenoble (Cedric Allier, project coordinator) and WUT Poland (Malgorzata Kujawinska), molecular biologists at LMU Munich (Maria Robles) and ENS Lyon (Kiran Padmanabhan) and clinicians at the Policlinico Milano (Luca Valenti). The SME's include Iprasense (France) and ALS (Germany).The primary aim of the postdoctoral researcher at the IGFL will be to characterize the cellular heterogeneity (and molecular underpinnings) that underlies the transition from metabolic liver disease to tumors. Primary or derived cell lines obtained from laboratory mouse models of metabolic liver disease as well lines derived from clinical liver biopsies sampled from patients with dysmetabolism and cancer ( from our collaborator in Milan) will be used by the candidate during the study.At the IGFL, biological samples (2D and 3D cultures and tissues) will be analyzed by the postdoc using transcriptomics (bulk, single-cell and spatial transcriptomic) and proteomics to characterize the populations of cells, to identify molecular pathways controlling their self-renewal capacities in 2D/3D culture conditions. Cells will be imaged in parallel in realtime using new lensfree devices. Integration of the Omics data (with collaborators at other sites) will be used to develop and eventually test an AI-based microscope that uses data-enriched images of biological samples for decision making and action (pick up for culture/bio-analysis/deeper imaging). Offer RequirementsSkills/QualificationsA PhD degree in life sciences with an excellent productivity record.Research engineers in France are also encouraged to applyExperience in flow cytometry, cell culture (primary mammalian culture), 3D culture would be a plus. Candidate will have technical assistance in this regard. Bioinformatic programming skills, comfort with IlluminaSeq and other seq technologies, high-dimensional single-cell data analysis are essential to this project.Very good communication and collaboration skills in English are required with ability to generate high-quality data and write manuscriptsKnowledge of French would be a plus.Capacity to share knowledge and train students and colleagues if and when needed.

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